Mandell  Tillman began his career as a homebuilder straight out of college.  The Furse Company developed property as well as built homes.  Mandell was drawn to the development side of the business and continues to develop market properties to this day. 

Tillman’s experience during the 70’s was a volatile time for a recent college grad to cut his teeth in the world of finance.  Chief among these challenges were skyrocketing interest rates, CD’s were approaching 20% and the Savings and Loan crisis was just around the corner.  In hindsight, Mandell has credited these trials to giving him an unparalleled edge in the valuation industry.

Today Tillman’s valuation sector specializes in Bank Collateral Consulting and the review appraisal process. Mandell is uniquely qualified to assist his banking clients bringing his experience as a former homebuilder, developer, real estate broker, appraisal reviews, and bank collateral consultant to bear. 

Mandell began negotiations with or for government entities early in his career.   This evolved into complete project management for the same government entities.


Vicki Chilton – Operations Coordinator

Oversee day to day admin operations on behalf of bank clients.  Includes managing the appraisal request process from start to finish.

Liaison between appraisers and bank officers during the term of appraisal engagements.

Process incoming appraisals to include: charting each incoming report; assembling all accompanying documentation; complete a detailed pre-check of each report prior to review; finalize reviewer remarks to send to appraiser; prepare the final set of appraisal documents to send to bank clients.

Manage the monthly aging report for accounts receivable; resolve payment discrepancies on behalf of the company, bank clients, and appraisers.  Handle appraiser inquiries about overdue payments.

Create presentations for use in teaching Appraisal Institute approved courses.

Manage biennial renewal of all state licenses and annual renewal of all business insurance policies for Tillman Consulting and Tillman Development.


Rachel Riggan – Project Specialist

Organize and manage projects for Alabama Department of Transportation clients and Right of Way Acquisition clients.

Duties to include: create and organize project files; collect pertinent information to initialize each project; conduct deed and tax record searches; assist with land and building inspections to include photographing and measuring of same and taking notes on subject properties; create land and zoning maps for subject properties and all related sales; collect information on traffic counts; various other duties as needed.

Plan and assemble all collected data, with related components, into a complete and finished document for client.