Right of Way Division

Tillman Consulting, LLC has work with clients to transact property acquisitions for over 30 years. The company provides project management services which includes; negotiations, relocation services, review appraisal and appraisal services, and other miscellaneous services for its government and quasi governmental agencies clients.

Clients Types include:

  • Municipalities - County, State, and Federal Agencies
  • Utility Boards
  • School Boards
  • Transmission Lines

Some of these projects include site acquisition and site management services.  

The project assignment services include: 

  • Notification of the Property Owners
  • Public Meetings (as needed)
  • Hiring/Supervision of Appraisers, Review Appraisers, Negotiators and Relocation Specialist(s).
  • Experienced in working with engineers and legal entities involved with the project.

Additional services provided by the Right of Way Acquisition Division include hiring and supervision of the demolition company (and the environmental issues associated with same), utilities relocation and acting as site manager throughout the project. 

Tillman Consulting, LLC has developed a large contingent of sub-contractors in multiple states experienced in Right of Way Acquisitions for private and General Eminent Domain projects. These sub-contractors include former Department of Transportation employees as well as general sub-contractors that have experience in the field of eminent domain.

Tillman Consulting is capable of managing both small and large right of way assignments due to the subcontractor concept and the experience Mandell achieved by having completed all aspects of the acquisition process:

  • Mandell was involved in both state and national committees,
  • Served six years and chairman for two years with the Alabama Real Estate Appraisers Board. 
  • As a former Appraisal Institute approved USPAP instructor, Mandell has developed contacts and relationships with many appraisers that currently serve on his subcontractor list. 

,The personal involvement set Tillman Consulting apart from other right of way companies. 

Notable Projects

Gadsden City High School


Hired by a school board to act as the project coordinator for a $43,000,000 school project that included site acquisition and site management throughout the project.

Throughout this assignment Mandell served as project coordinator and liaison to the school board, architect, engineer and site manager.  This project required the purchase of 60+ parcels with no parcel appeals reaching circuit court.

The Duck River Dam Project


The Duck River Dam Project was constructed to provide a large secondary water source for a Utility Board in North Alabama.  The scope of the assignment included responsibilities as follows:

  • Work with engineer and client to identify the affected tracts and determine which tracts would require relocation
  • Public Information Meetings (included introduction of the acquisition parties to the property owners)
  • Appraisals 
  • Appraisal Review
  • Negotiations 
  • Relocations 
  •  Assist with Probate Hearings (if required)

Ultimately, the Duck River Project involved over 100 parcels which were all successfully acquired on time with no appeals beyond Probate Court.  The avoidance of Circuit Court was a tremendous savings to the client and the public.